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Please get in touch if you need me for projects.


Are you available for freelance work?

Please get in touch using and I’ll reply usually within the hour.

What 3D software do you use?

I use all the major packages, including Houdini, Maya, Max, Cinema 4D, Unity and more.  I’m highly experienced with particles and dynamics systems.

Are you remote only or can you work on site?

I can travel for briefings throughout the UK, and for larger projects I can be onsite for the start of the project for a few days to ensure smooth running if needed.

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    Latest Software

    I have licences for all the main software that covers all aspects of the creative pipeline, including Adobe suite etc

    Fast Connection

    I have a superfast connection, with minimal downtime and full security.

    Secure & Backed Up

    All work I create is protected behind an enterprise grade firewall. Data is backed up at third level redundancy, including one off-site, so your work is safe with me.

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